Server is going LIVE today!   by adm 11/23

Less than 5 hours left til server Start. We are fully ready for openning!

To connect to server, you need to download Lineage2 Gracia Final client and Server System from CONNECT section. Account registration will be auto.
Good luck and see you at 18:00 CET!

4 days to LIVE/ Test Server   by adm 11/23

There are only 4 days left til LIVE launch. We made Test Server for players to take a look at what we have to offer. In order to join Test Server, visit CONNECT section.

Server rates are x1000, starting level is 85. All required NPCs can be found in Giran Town. Test Server will be online til Friday (11.26) 20:00 CET. Good luck!

LIVE launch date!   by adm 10/24

All major work regarding the server is finished. And finally, we announce LIVE server launch date. For more information, check our forum!

graciafinal x30 opens on 2015/11/27 18:00 CET

New website and server maitenance   by adm 10/16

We have updated the website, enjoy it. Some of the features are currently disabled till LIVE server. Currently the server is in maitenance mode for improvement of performance and some last cofigurations regarding to smooth gameplay. LIVE launch date will be anounced next week. Stay tuned!